"Our experience with Sharon was amazing. We were new to the area and wanted someone who would be open and honest with us. Sharon was just that! We have a young child and needed to consider school systems and neighborhoods. Sharon was very professional and helped us find the perfect house for our family! We will always be grateful to her for her genuine kindness and positive energy!"

-Janelle & Zach Bailey

Take This Quiz Before You Buy Your Next Home!


Who, what, when, where, why and how.


In Journalism class in college, these were the questions to answer.  Fast forward 30 years and this formula is quite helpful for buyers looking to purchase a home that best meets their needs!


Let’s start with “who.”

Who do you need to focus on when choosing your next home?  For many families it’s children and a desired school district. For others, it can be a spouse, seeking a shorter commute to work.  Possibly the “who” in your search to satisfy is extended family that come to visit creating a need for a 2nd “master retreat.”

What is it about your current home that you would want to change?  One of the best ways to determine what is important in layout and livability comes from living in a home that doesn’t meet our needs. Think outside the box!  Often buyers are looking for change…from no longer needing a Two Story, to desiring Ranch style living.  Some buyers prefer a Story and a Half…which features the master on the main, with 2-3 BR’s and a full bath upstairs.  Possibly you are seeking a lifestyle that allows for more travel, less home maintenance.  Townhome living may be the answer.

When do you want to move?  Timing is everything.  After a child leaves for college?  Let’s talk now.  As soon as possible?  We need to look at the sale of your current home, if those proceeds are needed to purchase a new home…and how we can time both out!  No matter when you want to move, you will want to be pre-approved.  This gives you a leg up on having your offer accepted, and gives us a comfortable price range to search.


Where:  Location, location, location!


This is a critical question and deserves a lot of consideration.  Access to freeway, shopping, schools, parks, bike trails, it’s all important!  Please give this question a lot of consideration.  Drive the areas you are considering ahead of time, and do this during different times of the day to see if traffic is an issue for you or not.


When do you want to make a move?


We typically see more homes hitting the market in the spring.  It’s nice to have good inventory to search from when looking for a home.  But it doesn’t always time out that way!  In the late fall, home prices can drop, as sellers and builders alike aren’t interested in heating homes, clearing snow, etc.  So sometimes this is a chance to get a good price on a home.


Why do you want to move?


This is really the BIG question!  The “who” and the “what” all tie into the “why.”  Just make sure you are truly asking yourself/yourselves this question…and focus on the answer when making your list of wants and needs!  If there are two of you, TWO LISTS please!  They probably won’t be the same.  Super helpful for your Realtor.  And I hope that Realtor is me!


"In the end, what mattered wasn't that she helped us find our dream home; it was that we trusted her opinion and knew she always had our best interests at heart and the experience to guide us. In addition, Sharon is incredibly knowledgeable about the area and helped us identify potential issues that we didn't foresee and gave us sound advice on how to negotiate our home. We couldn't recommend her more highly and you should know you are in good hands." -The Clavennas

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